Is your art a forgery?

How to make sure the art you’re buying isn’t a forgery Art forgeries are all mischievous imitations of works of art, used for gaining money from the naïve art collectors. Art forgeries are different from art copies. Art copies of certain paintings are usually made by other artists. For example, the students of da Vinci, … [Read more…]

Buying from a Gallery

Oh, terrible horror from all this – going to the gallery to look, you can buy some art. Or, maybe you saw a beautiful picture in the window and wanted to look closer. Unfortunately, there was this tweedy-little man/woman with large horn-rimmed spectacles perched on an injured face that looked you over and sniffed, as … [Read more…]

Things to Consider

Purchasing art can be an exceptional mind boggling and thorough process, requiring lots of time to look into, study, think about and select. With such an enormous amount of assortment in styles, sizes, mediums and hues, now and then it can be difficult to settle on a choice about which painting to purchase. If you … [Read more…]

What is an artist?

What is an artists “late work” and is it worth buying? As an artist, I asked myself this question several times. Does the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or BFA create an artist? Is the artist doing years of study in engineering and history? Or, does the artist make a talent, life experience, trial, and error? … [Read more…]

Where can you buy art?

  Choosing to buy art online is only the beginning of your journey into the world of fine art. It is always a good idea to be an informed consumer, and a little study of art can help a lot in your search. One good aspect of art to brush up on is that of … [Read more…]

The First Time

The first time is always the scariest.  It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time steps, first time riding a bicycle or first time buying a piece of art.  Take a look at this video with some great tips on how to buy your first piece of art.